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tHost-ps – Headend

All-digital RF Router Platform and a Programmable Software Platform

Dali’s tHost-ps (public safety) is a digital intelligent and programmable software platform that forms the head-end of the tSeries-ps network. The tHost-ps accepts the input from a public safety carrier’s base stations and bi-directionally transfers four separate public safety bands to Dali t37™-ps or t43™-ps remote transceivers. It can support up to six independent optical fibers and more than 36 remotes. It also provides Ethernet backhaul at 1 Gb/s for additional devices such as Wi-Fi and security cameras.

The tHost-ps is the “core” of the system and performs a broad array of functions including digital signal processing, framing/deframing and serializing/deserializing, digital up/down conversion and RF up/down conversion. It orchestrates all network functionality under software control and its capabilities include network management, capacity-on-demand, channelization, Wi-Fi integration, and customer based applications.

The tHost-ps connects with Dali’s t37-ps indoor low-power remotes and t43-ps outdoor high-power remotes in a “plug-and-play” manner. When a remote is added to the network, it is automatically identified and configuration is performed at the user interface. To serve additional public safety carrier’s base stations, tHost-ps units can be cascaded, their signals digitally processed and combined, and aggregated content is sent over optical fiber to the remotes. Also with Dali’s patented power allocation technology, it controls and enforces power levels at the dedicated remote on a per operator basis.

tHost-ps provides simplified gain and delay compensation settings for all remotes, SNMP remote monitoring, alarm, and control functions, on-demand system reconfiguration, and remote upgrades via the Web. Other features include real-time measurement and display of uplink and downlink RF power levels, uplink and downlink gain/delay to each remote, and many others.

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Founded in 2006, Dali Wireless Inc., headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, with research and development facilities in the Vancouver, BC area, designs and manufactures an entirely new integrated concept in RF signal routing that brings intelligence to every element of the system.

Our RF Router Platform transcends the features typically associated with distributed antenna systems (DAS), combining RF, digital, and optical technologies developed by the company to deliver performance far beyond that of any system.

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