Dali Wireless Showcases Virtual Front Haul at MWC

February 27, 2017

Base station hotels for DAS have so much promise  but they have seen more than their share of challenges. Dali Wireless introduced a virtual front haul solution this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that may be the game changer that base station hotels need.

The Dali Wireless virtual front haul solution uses full digitization, network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) to bypass the restrictions of current protocols.

“Traditional base station vendors have not very open on sharing information related to their CPRI streams,” said Sasa Trajkovic, head of engineering, DALI Wireless. “The companies we are cooperating with are the new wave of virtual base station vendors.”

The solution has a two-tier architecture consisting of Dali Matrix remote radio units (RRUs) and the Dali virtual Front haul Interface (vFI), an aggregator-router which intelligently constructs a logical multipoint-to-multipoint network between the virtual base stations (vBS) or virtual baseband units (vBBU) and the RRUs. The result is a system that can move capacity from one venue to another based on day of the week or time of the day.

“What the virtual base station brings to the market, in essence, is the virtualization of network functions and the capability to implement software functionality. We bring the actual virtualization of the radio resource.” said Trajkovic. “In doing so, we virtualize that most valuable and finite asset — spectrum — enabling it to be pooled, shared and managed; with dynamic capacity allocation negating the need for overprovisioning.”

Dali Wireless’ Partnerships Announced from MWC

The Dali virtual Fronthaul solution virtualizes the radio resources, and its newly announced partners’ solutions virtualize the base station resources. By working together and integrating their solutions they are able to deliver end-to-end virtual RAN.

Altiostar’s vRAN connects the baseband to the head-end equipment over any wired, fiber or wireless Ethernet transport, and adds powerful Network Function Virtualization (NFV) capability as well as mobile edge computing (MEC) functionality to the network using existing deployed equipment and spectrum assets.

Albert Lee, CEO of Dali Wireless, said, “[Altiostar’s] unique next-generation approach to vRAN transport using Ethernet and our front haul solution for vRAN align perfectly to create a compelling solution for operators, integrators and enterprises preparing for 5G.”

Dali Wireless also announced a joint initiative with ASOCS, a provider of virtual-RAN and network function virtualization-compatible virtual base station solutions. This solution combines Dali’s virtual fronthaul solution with ASOCS’ virtual base station solution to create an end-to-end virtual RAN that delivers increased capacity with a lower total cost of ownership.

“The combination of our vBS with Dali’s innovative virtual Front haul solution creates the revolutionary neutral-host, end-to-end virtual RAN solution. This opens the door for carriers to offer enterprises seamless mobile service and enhanced applications to their customers, guests, and employees,” said Gilad Garon, CEO, ASOCS.

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