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What is the RF ROUTER® Platform?

Dali’s RF ROUTER® platform consist of the headend, tHost, suite of low-power and high-power radio remotes (t30t43), and the network management system, NMS 2.0. The RF ROUTER® platform provides wireless coverage anywhere, at any time. This all-digital DAS solution can provide many industries with wireless coverage and capacity to satisfy the growing number of users depending on reliable cellular reception and data services. Read about Dali’s successful deployments in case studies found here.

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What Makes Dali’s RF ROUTER® Platform Unique?

Making a difference to the bottom-line of your business

  • Flexibility, scalability and elasticity
  • System Performance, particularly in LTE MIMO environments
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Protects current investment by avoiding capacity over-provisioning
  • Seamless migration path to future networks (RAN Virtualization, SDN, NFV)
  • Optimized usage of mobile operator’s resource – spectrum

Dali’s RF ROUTER® Platform’s innovative end-to-end digital RF signal processing combined with software configurability mobilizes cellular capacity and coverage. This means capacity and coverage can be allocated to wherever and whenever needed, making the RAN elastic. Combined with the capacity to support multiple standards, bands, and operators, you are in fact virtualizing the RAN. For the end-users this means receiving an optimal cellular experience, both indoors and outdoors.

Below are the key technological differentiators of the RF ROUTER® platform which ultimately gives unmatched elasticity, flexibility and scalability to operators, system integrators, enterprises and neutral hosts. Explore the following features and functions which makes Dali’s DAS technology unique.


Elasticity is an important system parameter. Mobile traffic is elastic – users are nomadic, and mobile usage varies in time and location. If the system does not provide a degree of elasticity required, then over-provision of the network is unavoidable to cope with wireless traffic peak load. The RF Router® solves this problem as the RF signal from the base station is converted into a digital addressable packet, allowing radio capacity to be routed from any source to any destination point within the network. With Dali’s End-to-End (E2E) digital RF signal processing and patented dynamic capacity allocation, capacity and coverage can be allocated to wherever and whenever needed.

End-to-end digital
rf signal processing

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N to M RF Distribution

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Flexibility & Scalability

The infrastructure of the mobile network should be able to scale with minimal effort as the mobile communication ecosystem is constantly changing. To keep up with new technologies, frequency bands, standards, flexibility and scalability are important criteria for a future-proof system.

The RF ROUTER platform is a fully software-configurable, and software-controllable architecture that is fully agnostic of operators, technology, base station vendors and standards. Dali Wireless’ revolutionary all-digital DAS platform can scale smoothly to meet your business requirements, making it a safe and future-proof solution for your business to provide an optimal wireless network for your users.

Simplified Architecture

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IP Pass Through

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Flexible topology

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Software Configurability

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About Dali Wireless

Dali Wireless provides wireless infrastructure that offers new and better ways to handle exponential growth in mobile data traffic.

Dali’s fully digital wireless signal routing solution revolutionizes in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity by eliminating interference and maximizing spectrum usage.

Mobile operators, large enterprises and public safety networks around the world deploy Dali technology to ensure high quality service and a seamless migration to 5G.

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