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Dali Matrix®

Next Generation Wireless Coverage and Capacity

Dali Matrix® is a compact, next generation digital DAS platform that provides intelligent wireless signal routing and coverage for cellular, public safety and Wi-Fi, over one single transport infrastructure.

It has a fully modular two-tier architecture that includes a plug-and-play integrated headend unit and low and high power remote radio units (RRUs).  Remote reconfiguration through the internal Matrix Element Management System™ facilitates network scaling that leverages existing infrastructure to keep costs and risks low.

Its simultaneous provision of cellular and public safety fronthaul and IP backhaul supports both C-RAN and D-RAN hybrid networks enabling operators to dynamically deliver capacity to hot-spots in the network.

Dali Matrix accommodates multiple mobile operators, transport technologies, base station vendors and global frequency bands.


Dali Matrix Highlights:


Dali Matrix in Action

The Dali Matrix modular integrated headend supports both analogue RF and digital interfaces to base stations and performs both downlink and uplink functions. On the downlink it receives RF signals from external base stations into the RF Conditioner (UBit-RFC37 or UBit-RFC50). The Splitter-Combiner sits between the RF Conditioner and the Host module which converts the signals from RF to digital data packets and routes the digital signals to the remotes via fiber optic link. This process is reversed for uplink.

Digital signals from external baseband units are received by the Base Band Interface module (hdBBI) which intelligently routes the data packets to/from the remotes. The hdBBI can also act as a Digital Cross Connect between Hosts and remotes to increase processing capability and the total number of supported optical interfaces.

Other digital baseband data and third party IP data can also be aggregated and distributed at rates of up to 10Gbps.


Dali Matrix® Modular System

Dali Matrix UBiT Modular Headend


Universal Basestation Interface Tray (UBiT) – Modular Integrated Headend
The compact UBiT has an integrated controller and power module and 12 universal ‘plug-and-play’ component slots.




Dali UBiT Controller Power


Integrated Controller and Power Module (UBiT-CP)
Provides the power supply, manages the operation, monitoring, and control of all UBiT modules, and enables the Element and Network Management Systems.




Dali Element Management System - EMS


Matrix® Element Management System™
Standard web browser based user interface provides full insight into and control over the radio distribution network. In multi-operator environments, access management ensures fully segregated and secure access and control for each participating operator.






UBiT – Plug-and-Play Modules

RF Conditioner
Provides the RF interface to base stations and signal conditioning via gain adjustment and band appropriate filtering for communication with other UBiT modules.




RF Conditioner Module 37 (UBiT-RFC37) – low power
Maximum input power of 5W







RF Conditioner Module 50 (UBiT-RFC50) – high power
Maximum input power of 100W




Splitter Combiner



Splitter-Combiner Module  (UBiT-SC)
Splits / combines RF signals at up to a 1:4:1 ratio as required on the uplink and downlink between the Conditioner and Host modules.







Quad-band Host Module (UBiT-hdHost)
Converts signals between analogue RF and digital data packets and intelligently routes the digital signals to / from the remotes via 8 optical interfaces.







Baseband Interface (BBI) Module (UBiT-hdBBi8)
Provides a digital interface and intelligent routing between base band units and the remotes. 8 bi-directional optical interfaces accept standard industry protocols at a rate of up to 10 Gbps




Remote Radio Units (RRUs)

hd30 Remote Unit


hd30™ Low power remote
Processes up to 4 RF bands simultaneously, has a data rate of 10 Gbps and can accommodate 1Gbps Ethernet backhaul. Pluggable RF band modules have RF output power of 1W per band.







hd43 - High Power Remote Unit


hd43™ High power quad-band remote
Processes up to 4 RF bands simultaneously, has a data rate of 10 Gbps and can accommodate 1Gbps Ethernet backhaul. Pluggable RF band modules have RF output power of 20W per band.

Can be mounted in pairs for an eight-band installation.




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Dali Wireless provides wireless infrastructure that offers new and better ways to handle exponential growth in mobile data traffic.

Dali’s fully digital wireless signal routing solution revolutionizes in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity by eliminating interference and maximizing spectrum usage.

Mobile operators, large enterprises and public safety networks around the world deploy Dali technology to ensure high quality service and a seamless migration to 5G.

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