Public Safety Blog Series: Implementing a Digital DAS Public Safety Solution for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

September 17, 2015
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In the last couple weeks, we have gone through several topics related to public safety, including trends, and present and future requirements. This week, we will go over a design case study of a major airport in US.

As one of the busiest airports in the world, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW Airport) has been actively improving and upgrading terminals over the last 20+ years. Cumulatively, these improvements have positively impacted RF propagation within the coverage area but some communication dead spots remain.

Necessary requirements of DFW Airport:

  • Public safety coverage and reliable access at all time for first responders and emergency personnel
  • Full-digital, quad-band solution with capabilities to transport all required frequencies over a single fiber
  • Scalability: System support of future expansion or modification of existing or new terminal buildings without complete overhaul of existing network
  • Future-proof to support additional frequency bands and expansion to LTE SISO without replacement of the cabling infrastructure
    To satisfy these requirements, an all-digital distributed antenna system (DAS) was chosen. This solution was a natural fit to satisfy all requirements of this project with DFW Airport. Being an end-to-end digital DAS, this ensures no signal degradation – Immensely important in a 12,000,000 square foot airport.

    Another advantage of Dali’s all-digital DAS is the flexibility to accommodate and adapt to new technologies, such as 4G LTE. With this, DFW Airport can easily scale to any future public safety requirements that become mandated, rather than “rip-and-replace” which can disrupt service and be quite costly.

    With this robust DAS implemented, DFW Airport will not only meet current requirements with a future-proof solution, but also have maximum coverage and capacity throughout the entire airport facility. First responders and emergency personnel will have access to uninterrupted, secure communications. This will allow them to respond to time-sensitive, critical emergency situations in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

    For a more detailed case study, click here:

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