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For Network Service Providers and Mobile Operators:

Network Services Providers (NSPs) are actively building out Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks using Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) technology to deliver Triple-play services – HD voice, next-gen TV services and internet access. Optical fiber is utilized to carry the communications signal from the NSP’s switching equipment to multiple residential units and businesses instead of the commonly used copper infrastructure. Fiber is chosen due to the larger bandwidth capability and the support for longer distances. Usually, multiple fiber runs are pulled in anticipation of additional services or requirements in the future.

On the other hand, with the exponential growth of data traffic, mobile operators are looking to maximize throughput to the users at the lowest Capital (CAPEX) and Operational (OPEX) expenditure. One strategy is to utilize existing GPON infrastructure.

Overlaying Digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS) over existing GPON infrastructure will not only enable NSPs to monetize the existing fiber infrastructure but for mobile operators to leverage existing fiber network to rapidly provide wireless coverage and capacity to cope with the growing data demand.

Dali Wireless digital DAS has an optical link budget of 15 to 30 dBo. This allows more data throughput and a greater reach without signal degradation over the GPON network.

GPON System Diagram For IT Managers:

Today, IT Managers and Property Managers across all industries are under increasing pressure to keep up with the growing demand for wireless communications while having to spend less on CAP EX and OPEX.

With users’ satisfaction among one of IT Managers‘ and Property Managers’ primary concern, high-speed/high bandwidth internet must be delivered to users when and where they need it. This has led to interest in GPON for the delivery of higher bandwidth to eliminate the need to upgrade in the future.

Running DAS over existing GPON installation provides IT Managers and Property Managers with a way to optimize the existing fiber infrastructure installed in the venue and to rapidly provide cellular coverage and capacity to the users to support the “always-connected lifestyle”.


Dali Wireless DAS over GPON solution:

GPON architecture is comprised of four main components: Optical Line Terminal (OLT), optical fiber, passive splitters and Optical Network Units (ONUs). Depending on the number of users and the bandwidth requirements, the split ratio of the optical power splitter can vary. A split ratio between 1 x 8 to 1 x 32 is typically used.

Because of the passive splitters used in GPON, a high optical link budget is required for running DAS over existing GPON infrastructure. Optical links budgets can degrade rapidly over distance and can lead to signal degradation and lower data throughput. Therefore, passive and analog DAS with a typical optical link budget of 5 dBo can’t satisfy the stringent requirements.

Dali Wireless digital DAS has an optical link budget of 15 to 30 dBo. This allows more data throughput and a greater reach without signal degradation over the GPON network.

Key Features of Dali Wireless digital DAS:


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