#Wireless Wednesday – What is the maximum range the base station resources can be away from the remote radio in order to avoid timing issues in a RAN Virtualization scenario?

June 17, 2015
Since the RF Router distribution network uses optical transceivers (SFP format) and fibers, the standard optical link budget bridges distances is up to 40km. For a 4G LTE scenario under the 3GPP specifications, it will be most likely be around 10km because of timing constraints in the send-receive window relationship. The RF Router’s timing is so granular that even the most demanding synchronization requirements are easily complied with. Dali is the only vendor that meets meets the 3GPP MIMO signal requirements for delay in-balance of maximum 65ns. With Dali’s RF Router, the delay adjustment of each MIMO path has a setting of less than 35 nanoseconds (ns).

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