#WirelessWednesday – How do you expect the business model of RAN Virtualization enabled by RF Router to work in the multi-operator scenario?

July 1, 2015
The RF Router is perfect for a multi-operator scenario as it enables infrastructure sharing. It supports all global frequency bands, and is agnostic to different mobile operators, base station vendors and technologies. The RF Router is able to seamlessly facilitate infrastructure-sharing among multiple mobile operators in any given venue, saving significant CAPEX and OPEX. In a multi-operator environment, independent configuration and power allocation is essential in guaranteeing that each operator is enjoying the appropriate network performance even when the signal is processed and transmitted over a shared network infrastructure. With Dali’s power allocation technology, operators has the ability to monitor and regulate e.g. the power allocation at the RF Router level with a GUI. This ensures precise and accurate power allocation based on vendor standards to ensure no unfair advantages

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